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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

La Rose France by Houbigant c1911

La Rose France by Houbigant: launched in 1911. Inspired by the romance of the rose, Madame Pompadour and the old French salons.

Mes Delices by Houbigant c1904

Mes Delices by Houbigant: launched around 1904.

Presented in a clear crystal bottle by Baccarat. The label featured a portrait of Marie-Antoinette.

So what does it smell like?

  • Top notes: neroli, cassie
  • Middle notes: sweet-pea, carnation, heliotrope, jasmine
  • Base notes:

Discontinued, date unknown.

Presence by Houbigant c1929

Présence by Houbigant: launched in 1929, created by Raymond Kling.

Popular Perfume Gifts c1929

Popular Perfume Gifts for the Christmas Season in 1929

Essence Rare in Baccarat flacon
Le Parfum Ideal in Baccarat flacon, in Louis XVI Baccarat flacon
Quelques Fleurs in de luxe flacon
Bois Dormant

Lutece by Houbigant c1984

Lutece by Houbigant: launched in 1984. Apparently, "Lutece" was the old name for the city of Paris.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Houbigant's Ruba Nail Polish

Houbigant's Ruba Nail Polish, a pressed powder that would be rubbed onto the nails with a polishing cloth. Packaged in a wooden container. Product No. 310 in the Houbigant catalog

Country Life in America, 1915:
"Houbigant Ruba Crayon instantly gives a lustrous polish to the nails, imparting at the same time a natural pink tint. Per crayon, 50c."

Vintage Examples of Houbigant Bills/Invoices










Houbigant Display: Exposition des Arts Décoratifs Paris 1925

Houbigant Display: Exposition des Arts Décoratifs Paris 1925

Houbigant Price List c1950

Houbigant Price List c1950

Houbigant Compacts






Houbigant Perfume Duo in Coffret

Houbigant Perfume Duo in Coffret, circa 1930.

A rich presentation of two Baccarat crystal bottles with silvered metal stoppers in an immaculate fabric covered case patterned with dogs. One bottle has its early Baccarat paper label.
Height 3 3/4 in. photo by Mastro Auctions

A rich presentation of two Baccarat crystal bottles (model #129) with gilded flat disk glass stoppers in an ornate silk brocade fabric covered coffret.

Coffret rectangulaire en bois gainé de tissus à motifs de feuillages et d'animaux dans le style médiéval, 2 flacons en cristal incolore pressé moulé de Baccarat de section et forme cylindriques, panse facettée, col bagué de laiton, leur bouchon ovale plat laqué or, avec leur étiquette, scellés avec PdO.
Parfums : « Un peu d'Ambre » et « Quelques Fleurs ».
H : 10 cm.

Looks similar to the one in the advertisement below

Houbigant Perfume Prices c1941

From Drug Topics Redbook, 1941
  • Modele Reduit 6.00-40.00 
  • Modele Original 16.00-10.00 
Fleur Bienaimee 
  • Purse Size 1.00-8.00 
  • Petit Modele 2.75-22.00 
  • Modele Reduit 6.00-40.00 
  • Modele Standard 8.26-66.00 

Floraison w/Atomizer
  • Floraison w/Atomizer $7.50-$60.00 
  • Modele Reduit $10.00- -$80.00
  • Modele Original, ea 18.50-12.34

  • Eau de Toilette 1.00-8.00 
  • Rouge Compact 1.00-8.00 
  • Powder Compact 1.10-8.80

Au Matin
  • Au Matin Purse Size $1.00 - $8.00 
  • Modele Reduit $5.00- $40.00 
  • Modele Original $10.00- $80.00
Essence Rare
  • Modele Reduit $10.00-$80.00
  • Modele Original $27.50
Le Parfum Ideal 
  • Purse Size 1.00-8.00 
  • Little Original 1.60-12.00 
  • Petit Modele 2.75-22.00 
  • Modele Reduit 6.00-40.00 
  • Modele Original 8.26-66.00 
  • Modele Moyen 16.60-11.00 
  • Modele Moyen w/Atomizer 6.50
Country Club 
  • Little Original 2.00-16.00 
  • Petit Modele 8.76-30.00 
  • Modele Reduit 7.50-60.00 
  • Modele Original
Bois Dormant 
  • Purse Size 1.00-8.00 
  • Petit Modele 2.76-22.00 
  • Modele Reduit 5.00-40.00 
  • Modele Standard 8.26-66.00
Quelques Fleurs 
  • Purse Size 1.00-8.00 
  • Little
  • Sm 1.60 12.00 
  • Modele Reduit 2.76-22.00 
  • Modele Original 6.00-40.00
Premier Mai
  • Purse Size 1.00-8.00 
  • Petit Modele 2.75-22.00 
  • Modele Reduit 6.00-40.00 
  • Modele Standard 8.26-66.00
Fougere Royale
  • After Shaving Lotion 1.00-8.00 
  • After Shaving Talcum 4.40 
  • Brushless Shave  6.20 
  • Brilliantine, Tube 4.40 
  • Brilliantine, Liquid 1.10-8.80
La Rose France 
  • Purse Size 1.00-8.00 
  • Petit Modele 2.76-22.00
  • Modele Reduit 5.00, 8.26-40.00 
  • Modele Standard 8.26-66.00
Jasmin Floral 
  • Purse Size 1.50-12.00 
  • Petit Modele 3.00-24.00, 6.00-48.00 
  • Modele Standard 10.00-80.00
Eau Florale
  • 1.75-14.00

Purse Flacons c1931

1931 ad

Harper's Bazaar, 1932:
"Purse size parfum fitted into a gold-finished case. Odeurs: Quelques Fleurs, Le Parfum Ideal, Au Matin, Bois Dormant, Fleur Bienaimee and other Houbigant fragrances."

Moskari by Houbigant c1887

Moskari by Houbigant: launched around 1887 Still being sold in 1923. After this date it was sold under the Houbigant owned Cheramy label.

photo by Bennett

Monday, May 27, 2013

Esprit de Noel by Houbigant c1968

Esprit de Noel by Houbigant: launched in 1968. “Esprit de Noel” means “spirit of Christmas.” It was available as eau de cologne and as a room essence. You would add a few drops to a light bulb to fragrance your room with a holiday air.

Premier Mai by Houbigant c1928

Premier Mai by Houbigant: launched in 1908.

Quelques Violettes by Houbigant c1914

Quelques Violettes was originally launched way back in the late 1700s, when it was reportedly a favorite of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Houbigant was her personal perfumer. It was discontinued for decades before being reformulated and relaunched in 1914, but this too was discontinued in the 1960s.

"HOUBIGANT QUELQUES VIOLETTES —a delicate combination of violet scents — with the distinctively “woody" odor. A perfume of wistful charm and beauty that yields forth the inmost nature of the violet."

Houbigant's Eau Florale Concentree c1937

Hearsts Internation, 1937:
"Eau Florale Concentree, the new version of perfume, is the first thing you put on after your bath — an exquisite underthing that clothes you in ... Priced for liberal daily use, yet available in the most prized Houbigant odeurs: CONCENTREE."

The New Yorker, 1938:
"EAU FLORALE CONCENTREE is a lovely new fashion in perfuming that you can easily afford. For Houbigant now presents its finest odeurs in this new version of perfume . . . for lavish, all-over-body use ... at ONE DOLLAR."

Hearsts International, 1938:
"Eau Florale -Concentree to be Applied Directly to the skin! You pat it on. Effective your bath, before you dress, and clothe yourself in subtle fragrance. It is light enough for lavish use from tip to toe, lingering enough to last from dawn to dark!"

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1940:
"Houbigant adds to the increasing interest in romantic florals this year with a true-to-the-flower reproduction of Wistaria in Eau Florale Concentree. This is a light, exquisite fragrance."

Houbigant Perfume Trio Coffret

Houbigant perfume trio in a leather covered coffret featuring:

  • Quelques Fleurs
  • Parfum Inconnu
  • Parfum D'Argeville
Photos by ebay seller thales13

You can see this coffret shown in the vintage 1930 Houbigant Christmas advertisement below:

Floraison by Houbigant c1928

Floraison by Houbigant: launched in 1928.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

La Belle Saison by Houbigant c1924

La Belle Saison by Houbigant: launched in 1924, created by Robert Bienaime.

1920s Lalique flacon

La Giroflee by Houbigant c1905

La Giroflee by Houbigant: launched in 1905.

The perfume sold for $5.00 in 1912. What cost $5.00 in 1912 would cost $117.14 in 2012.

So what does it smell like? Gillyflowers...also known as sweet williams, carnations, cottage pinks or garden pinks. All these common names refer to flowers in the genus Dianthus - all have spicy, clove-scented flowers.

In old advertisements, the perfume was described as thus:
  • Houbigant's Giroflee is a languorous dream. 
  • Houbigant's languorous bouquet Giroflee.

Discontinued, date unknown. 

Parfum d' Argeville by Houbigant c1913

Parfum d' Argeville by Houbigant: launched in 1913. Created by Paul Parquet.

Peau d'Espagne by Houbigant c1894

Peau d'Espagne by Houbigant: launched in 1894 and created by Paul Parquet as a perfume for a man.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Violette Houbigant by Houbigant c1907

Violette Houbigant by Houbigant: launched in the early 1800s. But was launched again in 1907.

Violette Houbigant (tax stamps on reverse are dated 1916) photo by ebay seller kreneksantiques

Violette Houbigant, (small label on the back of the bottle) photo by ebay seller kreneksantiques

Drug & Cosmetic Industry, 1937:
"Houbigant introduces the "Trianon" perfume set containing purse size flacons of Quelques Fleurs, Le Parfum Ideal and QueIques Violette. The transparent package is decorated with striking red, white and blue ribbons."

American Druggist, 1937:
"When Napoleon, who was an ardent user of perfumes, lay dying at St. Helena, his chief concern was whether his favorite Houbigant Violette had arrived from France, and while still at Elba, he spent a fortune on gloves perfumed with Violette."
The Southern Pharmaceutical Journal ... - Volume 42, Part 2, 1950:
"When he was dying on St. Helena, Napoleon expressed urgent concern as to whether or not his cherished “Houbigant Violette” had arrived from France. The famous emperor spent a fortune for gloves perfumed with this significant fragrance."

So what does it smell like? It was a true to life violet perfume with earthy, woody notes.

  • Violette Houbigant is a reminiscence of shady woods a master achievement in the making of a violet odor.
  • For lovers of the woody violet a masterpiece of flower realism.
  • Violette Houbigant. An odor in perfection of the true violet of the woods.
  • Violette Houbigant is a reminiscence of shady woods. a master achievement in the making of a violet odor.

Discontinued, sometime in the 1940s.

Violette Houbigant, in Lalique flacon, photo by ebay seller *antiques

Violette Poudre Tes-Fine, c1907, photo by seller aedarsch.

Violette Eau de Toilette. photo by ebay seller 4205peddigree

Jasmin Floral by Houbigant c1918

Jasmin Floral by Houbigant: launched in 1918.

So what does it smell like? It is a jasmine based perfume. I am unsure of the exact notes.

  • "Houbigant brings to you the perfumed moonlight in his Jasmin."
  • "wonderful flower of the moonlight Jasmin."
  • "Jasmin Flora From the flowers of an old garden silvered by moonlight"


Discontinued, date unknown.

L’Oeillet Du Roy by Houbigant c1906

L’Oeillet Du Roy by Houbigant: launched in 1906. Created by Paul Parquet.

Un Peu d'Ambre by Houbigant c1919

Un Peu d'Ambre by Houbigant: launched in 1919, created by Robert Bineaime.

Alfonse Mucha & Houbigant

Information here was found at:

Houbigant asked Mucha in 1899 to design the decoration of their room to be used for the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. Mucha still worked for Houbigant in subsequent years, but their collaboration will cease after Mucha departs for the United States in 1904.

There are few documents relating to the decoration of the living room of the perfumer to the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. The only description is known the journalist Jean de la Tour in Le Figaro of 23 May 1900:
"The Houbigant Living Room was adorned by the master Muscha (sic), and it is somehow the apotheosis of perfumery by flowers: superimposed friezes cobee, honeysuckle and mimosa. Four panels symbolize main flowers: pink, violet, orange blossom and buttercup is, as we know, the delicate specialty Houbigant. Four small windows also designed by Muscha (sic), contain bottles of perfume Houbigant, and the center of the living room, a beautiful statue stands on an iris crown of violets and roses. " Mucha produced a number of preparatory drawings more or less completed the implementation of which been assigned to various artists and artisans. As is customary at the end of this type of event, all items made ​​to host the exhibition and exhibitors will be dismantled and destroyed. The material remains are exceptions. From the Houbigant living room,  there would be a bust."

Photograph of the  Auguste Seysses Workshop (1862-1946) who made the ornamental sculptures shown.

Rose . Study for one of four decorative panels. It was reproduced in Art and Decoration .

Bust . Bronze, silver and gold highlights 10 x 29 x 22 cm. It was certainly done by Auguste Seysses.

Around 1899, Paul Parquet wanted to create a new fragrance called Coeur de Jeannette to celebrate the Universal Exhibition in Paris. He contracted his friend Mucha to design the bottle and label. There is no evidence that this perfume then figured in the windows of the exhibition, however, it is certain that Houbigant reused the concept of Mucha's design for a wider market from 1904.

The shape of the bottles and packaging has evolved to adapt to new customers. If Coeur de Jeannette was exposed in the window of Houbigant, it is reasonable to believe that another artist was then associated with its creation. However, with the exception of hip flasks, from 1904 the label designed by Mucha has always been associated with the perfume.

Study for the bottle. To 1897-1900. Pencil and watercolor on paper 13.3 x 6.3 cm. Back to the drawing it says "this Mucha designed by Hungarian artist in vogue in Paris in 1900 bottle was never executed. F. Javal."

Perfume. Green vignette indicates that the brand was filed for marketing outside France.

Perfume. The label on the bottle is labeled "New York Paris France" unlike the lid of the box that says only "France".

Perfume. Miniature bottle. The label on the bottle is labeled "New York Paris France".
Box size 9.5 x 5.5 cm. Appears on the cover a basket of flowers, symbol of the perfumery, originally, was called A Basket Of Flowers .

Perfume. Vial. The label bears the number 207 number on the back.

Soap. The box measures 8 x 5 cm.

The perfume was sold as eau de toilette with a rustic bottle, the product was not easy for a customer.

Bottle pocket. Only the lid of the box is labeled Mucha.

The label was reproduced in the advertising pages of many newspapers and magazines. See Femina , The Theatre Magazine , Life , Scribner's Magazine , The Washington Post , The Smart Set , The Evening Post , New York Tribune , The Brooklyn Daily Eagle , Rochester Democrat and Chronicle , The Druggists Circular , The Century, NARD ...

In 1900, for the 125th anniversary of the perfume, was printed a fragrant memory card. The front has the pattern of the Central sculpure erected in the area of 'Houbigant at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. Reproduced in Our Artists .

In 1908, Paul Parquet began marketing a new fragrance named La Rose France. The composition for the decorative panel, Rose Exhibition of Houbigant in the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1900 was diverted in 1909 to illustrate the advertising of the new fragrance. Advertising was inserted in L'Illustration , Femina , The Literary and Picturesque Month , The Evening World in programs Rejane Theatre, Theatre Antoine, the National Theatre of Opera Comique, the Théâtre du Vaudeville ...