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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Violette Houbigant by Houbigant c1907

Violette Houbigant by Houbigant: launched in the early 1800s. But was launched again in 1907.

Violette Houbigant (tax stamps on reverse are dated 1916) photo by ebay seller kreneksantiques

Violette Houbigant, (small label on the back of the bottle) photo by ebay seller kreneksantiques

Drug & Cosmetic Industry, 1937:
"Houbigant introduces the "Trianon" perfume set containing purse size flacons of Quelques Fleurs, Le Parfum Ideal and QueIques Violette. The transparent package is decorated with striking red, white and blue ribbons."

American Druggist, 1937:
"When Napoleon, who was an ardent user of perfumes, lay dying at St. Helena, his chief concern was whether his favorite Houbigant Violette had arrived from France, and while still at Elba, he spent a fortune on gloves perfumed with Violette."
The Southern Pharmaceutical Journal ... - Volume 42, Part 2, 1950:
"When he was dying on St. Helena, Napoleon expressed urgent concern as to whether or not his cherished “Houbigant Violette” had arrived from France. The famous emperor spent a fortune for gloves perfumed with this significant fragrance."

So what does it smell like? It was a true to life violet perfume with earthy, woody notes.

  • Violette Houbigant is a reminiscence of shady woods a master achievement in the making of a violet odor.
  • For lovers of the woody violet a masterpiece of flower realism.
  • Violette Houbigant. An odor in perfection of the true violet of the woods.
  • Violette Houbigant is a reminiscence of shady woods. a master achievement in the making of a violet odor.

Discontinued, sometime in the 1940s.

Violette Houbigant, in Lalique flacon, photo by ebay seller *antiques

Violette Poudre Tes-Fine, c1907, photo by seller aedarsch.

Violette Eau de Toilette. photo by ebay seller 4205peddigree

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