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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Transparence by Houbigant c1939

Transparence by Houbigant launched in 1939, although its trademark record shows it was first used in 1931. The name is pronounced "trahnz-pahr-ahnce".

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a aldehydic light floral fragrance for women, however, I have no published notes on this perfume. It was described as "bright" and youthful and sporty.
  • Top notes: aldehydes
  • Middle notes:
  • Base notes:
An ad from 1940 reads:
"TRANSPARENCE by HOUBIGANT. The essence of femininity in a tender haunting fragrance so new and so lovely you'll love wearing it on every momentous occasion."

Drug & Cosmetic Industry, 1940:
"Houbigant introduces its newest perfume, Transparence — a perfume that evidences unusual character and interest for even the most sophisticated. The beautifully shaped crystal flacon reposes in a white pique-effect coffret."

The New Yorker, 1940:
"Houbigant has a brand new perfume, Transparence, which is supposed to reflect your personality, whatever. My own being in a harried state at the moment, I can't say for sure whether it works."

Women's Guide to Europe, 1954:
"Houbigant, 19 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. ... young women; "Demi-jour"— tea-for-two sort of perfume; "Fougere Royale"— for men; "Presence"— velvety, lasting; "Quelques fleurs"— fresh, flowery; "Transparence"— young, for sports."

Harper's Bazaar, 1956:
""Transparence" — a bright, clear, singing kind of scent, created by Houbigant. One and half ounces, $25."


The deluxe crystal bottles came in three sizes and were designed by Pierre D'Avesn.

Bottle came in two sizes:

  • 2.75" tall 
  • 3.25" tall

original flacon, photo by ebay seller days_gone_collection

Hartford Courant,1940:
"In less than a year, this fragrance has made a decided impression upon the most discriminating and fashionable women in America. It is a perfume bred in elegance and of a beauty utterly indescribable. The beautiful crystal bottle, also gives you the impression f a precious jewel. Transparence perfume comes in two sizes: $12.50 and $25.00"

1950s mini flacon, photo by monalisa

Fate of the Fragrance:

This perfume was only around for a few years before being stopped by WWII, it was then brought back in 1947 and discontinued around 1958.

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