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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lutece by Houbigant c1984

Lutece by Houbigant: launched in 1984. Apparently, "Lutece" was the old name for the city of Paris.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a floriental fragrance for women.
  • Top notes: aldehydes, mandarin orange, Brazilian rosewood and geranium
  • Middle notes: rose de mai, peony, rosemary, orris root, vetiver, lily-of-the-valley and cedar
  • Base notes: tonka bean, cinnamon, musk, vanilla and heliotrope

Federal supplement. [First Series.] - Volume 593:, 1985:
"Houbigant has announced plans to market, beginning in August, 1984, a line of cosmetics and fragrances (perfumes) to be called "Lutece."

Fate of the Fragrance:

Lutece was originally manufactured in France and distributed by both Houbigant and Houbigant's subsidiary Parfums Parquet. In 1994 Parfums Parquet was acquired by the American company Renaissance Cosmetics from Houbigant. Renaissance had control over the Houbigant fragrances: Lutece, Chantilly, White Chantilly, Raffinee, French Vanilla and Alyssa Ashley Musk.

In 1995, this was followed by the acquisition of Dana Perfumes Corp, from the Serra family and of Cosmar (who produce nail products).

After 1995, Lutece was marketed under the Dana name instead of Houbigant. Some people say that there is a slight difference between the two fragrances, but most people say it is quite close to the original formula.

In 1999, Renaissance is sold and the company is renamed New Dana.


  1. How I miss the original so much. I have spent hundreds of dollars buying different ones off the internet I'm getting ready to buy a used 25 year old bottle just because it probably will be more satisfying than what i have been getting I started wearing lutece 33 years ago.I worked at a bank and an elderly gentleman went to Murphys the five and dime store and passed bottles of Tabo. It stunk. I went to the store to exchange it and that's when I got my first bottle of Lutece. When I first starting wearing it I smelled what I would say a stinky smell to myself but the very first night I wore it out, 3 people said how good it smelled on me. I was hooked. That was 33 years ago. It is not the same. It is definitely not potent, you ca hardly smell it for the first 5 seconds and it's disappears to nothing. The notes are off or Houbigant has the original recipe locked up in their vault somewhere in France. How can they bring it back if they sold the rights off.

    1. the newer version of Lutice might be missing the Ambergris < Sperm Whale Vomit> < not kidding> I too miss the old Houbigant version though and think the Dana version is different and not long lasting..still not a bad smell though. I have been using Lutece eversince 1984 I believe when i sampled it at JCPenneys. I was lucky though and found it in the 90's in a pick n Save store as a giftset, and bought all 8 packs of it < so had 8 2oz bottle of the original one. Ran out earlier this year and ordered the Dana Version of it which isn't as good.. but still works somewhat

  2. I also so miss this fragrance. Of all the perfumes I have ever worn this is the only one I lhave ever truly loved. The scent made you want to inhale as deeply as possible to reach to the extreme depth of this fragrance. I never went a day when wearing this fragrance when i did not have someone inquire what I was wearing and how intriguing the scent was. A co-worker bought some for his wife for Christmas who also loved it until she asked how he came to select this fragrance. I guess he was not supposed to enjoy any fragrances which emanated from any source other than her. Did she not believe other men also enjoyed her fragrances? The original Lutece could truly be described as breath taking.